Steps to follow if a Rodent is dead in Your Air Ducts

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It’s surely a disgusting thought! However, if you ever experience such a situation, you just cannot ignore it. Right?

You need to clean the air duct and remove the dead body so that your home hygiene is maintained. Maybe the procedure of removing the dead thing from the air duct can be annoying for you. Nevertheless the good news is that the region is now entirely clean and the smell that you might have been experiencing all this time is gone.

Moreover, there is good news, that you can also hire professional help if you cannot just handle the situation by yourself. We also suggest you take this step.

  • Identifying a odd smell in your home
    If you smell a very strong intolerable smell from the air ducts, then you were freaking out about the thing! Thereupon, if it’s so, then cautiously loosen the vent cover. Then make use of a torch to have a look inside. If you find the dead body, you can progress. Nonetheless, if you are just able to smell the odor but unable to find the body eleven after good efforts, just call professionals.
  • If you’ve found out the dead body get it out from the vent
    After you have found the body, wrap the body in a plastic bag and instantly dispose of it from your house. Then you should significantly clean the area or even disinfect it with anti-bacterial sprays.
  • Find out the leak in Your Air ducts
    After finding the dead body and cleaning the space, you should do the most important step… It is to find out the leak or the hole, crack through which the rodent has entered your air ducts.

Find this immediately to retain your family’s health and reduce your high-energy bills.

Nonetheless, if you’re unable to find the leaks then surely call the professionals.

Accordingly, make sure that your air ducts are checked regularly by excerpts to avoid the birth of rodents. You’ll get a peace of mind and know that there is no dead animal that’s lying in the air ducts.

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