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There are several types of rodents that you really don’t want to see around the Home / Office — but the principal three are the black rat, the brown rat and the house mouse.
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Searching for Solutions to Noises in the Roof

Protect Your Home and Family from unwanted Pests in your Roof

Scurrying and scratching noises in your roof not only cause distress and anxiety to some people but are also a very strong indication that rodents or other wildlife have taken up residence there. Roof spaces are the perfect environment for rodents and other wildlife because of the dry and warm conditions they provide.

Any noise should be investigated as soon as possible because the nests and droppings of these pests become ideal breeding sites for many species of insects as a secondary infestation.

Just as importantly is the damage rodents and other pests can do to your home – and to anything stored in your roof – not to mention the possible fire hazard associated with their constant gnawing of wood or electric cabling.

The first step is to inspect your roof and look for visible signs of rodents or other wildlife, the most common of which is droppings. The age of the droppings indicates whether the infestation is currently active or not.

Fresh droppings are ‘shiny’ whereas older droppings are dry and dull. Older droppings may indicate an old or seasonal infestation which should still be prevented from re-occurring.

Mice Control Removal

  • Attic or crawlspace noises?
  • Green Rodent Garbage cans raided?
  • Excessive digging around foundation?
  • Bad smells in walls or vents?

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Green Rodent Restoration

Identifying Pests Droppings:

  • Mouse Droppings – Thin and spindle shaped with a pointed end and less than ¼ inch long.
  • Brown Rat Droppings – Blunt spindle shaped averaging between ¼ and ½ inch
  • Black Rat Droppings – Pointed sausage shape average length ½ to ¾ inch.
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