Mice, rats, and rodents are all pests we would rather not have in our homes or work places.

At Green Rodent Restoration we are committed to provide you with the best advice and service to eradicate unwanted pests from your home or business. We use only the very latest materials and proven techniques to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Green Rodent Restoration offers all your attic cleanup, rat cleanup, rodent cleanup, decontamination, debris cleanup, and insulation removal & replacement services. We have experience all types of attic cleanup in homes and offices, Cheap Rodent Control in Southern California in Los Angeles County, Glendale, Malibu, Oxnard, Simi Valley, Orange County, Ventura County San Bernardino County and Riverside County.

Almost every home has had a rodent infestation at one point. We have done attic cleanup in homes and offices in most cities of Southern California. Rodents and other Pests are in almost every community and can find their way into most homes. Green Rodent Restoration specializing in rat cleanup and our exclusive rodent decontamination services.

Our attic clean out service for the Southern California area, includes: Attic Cleaning and Removing of Pollen , Viruses, Smoke, bacteria, Mold Pet Dander, Odor Often the attic gets cluttered with old cardboard boxes, Christmas decorations and Christmas trees, packing materials and just plain old junk. If the trash in your attic gets out of hand, call Green Rodent Restoration attic cleaning services to help.

Our trained professionals employ will clean out all the garbage from your attic while you wait.

When Cheap Green Rodent Restoration & attic cleaning, clean out an attic, we take special care not to damage the walls, floor and ceiling of your home or apartment. It doesn’t matter how large the junk is, we will take it. We can clear out old furniture, memorabilia, papers and books, clothing, whatever it is, we can handle it.

For any attic cleaning jobs in the Southern California area, call Green Rodent Restoration up for help.

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How Does it work?

Attic Cleanup: When animals live in your attic, they leave behind all that goes with wild animals: feces, urine, parasites, body oils, and debris. This matter not only smells bad, it can lure in new wildlife, and it can even pose a health risk to the people in your home or building. Depending on the level of wildlife contamination, you may need attic cleanup and restoration. Even if you don’t smell a bad smell coming from the attic, it doesn’t mean it’s not contaminated or that it doesn’t have parasites. We will inspect your attic, show you photos, and let you know if attic cleanup is necessary.

Removal of Waste: We vacuum up the smaller droppings of rats, mice, squirrels, bats, and birds, and we remove the larger droppings, such as those left by raccoons, by hand.

Removal of Debris: We physically remove all of the debris that wild animals have brought into the house: nesting material, food items, or even dead animals.

Deodorizing: We spray the area with a deodorizing cleaner that will eliminate the animal and urine/feces smell.

Sanitizing: We will fog the attic with a special enzyme-based cleaner that kills bacteria and parasites, and also destroys any organic matter, such as urine or animal oils. This fogging is not harmful to people or pets.

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