Rats In Your Car? How To Keep Rats Away From Your Car

rat control in Los Angeles

Every car mechanic or vehicle enthusiast knows how detrimental rats can be for a car. When you spot a rat’s nest immediately contact service providers of rat control in Los Angeles. Vehicles are made of convoluted wires and plugs. Rats nesting under the hood of your car are terrible.

They will chew through almost all the wires running from one part to the other rendering your car useless. You may be compelled to pay a hefty amount from your pocket.

To avoid this entire problem from happening all over again, you can read this blog to know about some tips to keep rats away from your property.

Clean Air

The rats are untidy, unhygienic, nasty little creatures that prefer stuffy, smelly places. We hardly open our car windows these days. The air conditioners or heaters are switched on after all. All of this clogs the air inside making the car smell like a farm. This smell pulls in rats to your ride.

Broom the Crumbs

We often eat our snacks in the car while we are driving. This is very convenient indeed for the ones who prefer drive-bys. Eating in a car is bound to make it untidy, bread crumbs, chicken bones, coffee spills, even pet foods. Clean the mats inside your car once a week to keep the rats away.

Air Fresheners

Cars get the smell of dirty boots, especially during the rains. So, we started keeping cans of air fresheners inside the car. Start using it quite often to keep rats away. Services providing rat control in Los Angeles, suggest peppermint oil to keep the rats away. Rats cannot stand that sweet, strong smell as they have a sharp nose.

These are some crucial tips laid out by companies providing rat control in Los Angeles. We hope you will follow them next time to avoid a rat infestation in your car.

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