How to Remove Odor from Attic

Remove Odor from Attic

Are you getting a foul smell from the attic that your kids start to puke at the dinner table? Having smells coming from the attic means there is mold growth, rat infestation or a dead animal rotting there. The smell poses health risks to the minors of your house. They feel nauseated and vomit quite often. The bacterial growth from the carcass toxifies the air and the mold spores create breathing problems for everyone. If you get early signs of such things happening, call for attic cleaning services in Los Angeles. They will get rid of the smell in just a few hours.

  1. Throw open the windows, let the fresh air circulate this way, almost all the smell will go away. Put some scented candles up there but carefully place them to avoid any calls to the fire department.
  2. Locate the source of the smell. This will be a lot harder for you with the smell being stronger at the source but this has to be done. See what the source is, if it is a mold stay away from it. The dead remains of a rat should not be touched either.
  3. Call the attic cleaning service in Los Angeles to do the job of removal. They have all the required tools and protective gear to do the job.
  4. Until the cleaning company arrives you can have some baking soda sprayed here and there in the attic as they act as an absorbing agent. They help to remove the smell in no time. Remember this is a temporary check until the experts arrive.
  5. Spray disinfectants that you have in your home in all the objects there in the attic to be extra cautious.

Check the attic often or notice your pet for signs of trouble. They have a sharper sense of smell that helps you to spot the source even before it worsens. So, you can call for attic cleaning services in Los Angeles even before the matter gets worse.

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