How to Damp-Proof your Attic in Los Angeles

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Have you noticed any sign of dampness inside the walls of your home? When the walls of your home start to get damp, all the paint starts to come off. Dampness in your home does not come in the blink of an eye. It takes several years if not months for the signs of dampness to gain better visibility in your home. Do you know how this dampness gains its prominence?

It happens when the attic insulation does not have the features it needs to repel dampness. There are different kinds of attics, the cheap ones are always having this kind of a problem. It absorbs a large amount of water from the atmosphere while protecting you from heat, humidity, and cold.

Replacing Ventilation

Replacing the ventilation of your attack can be an easy way of damp proofing them. The work of ventilation is allowing the clogged air inside your attic to pass out. In exchange, the ventilation brings in fresh air. This is done to ensure dry yet cool air is being exchanged at a constant rate. Wondering why you need the air to be dry? It is because they are not moist.

Moist-Repelling Insulation

Any kind of insulation that repels moisture is the ideal way of damp proofing your attic insulation. Moisture-repellant insulations are a little expensive, yet they are worth the expense because it saves you from the trouble of replacing ventilation and adding dehumidifiers.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the ideal attic insulation depends a lot on the weather you are facing for most of the year. It is based on these weather conditions you can evaluate if your attitude will ever suffer from dampening or not. Based on the result, getting insulation for your attic would be a good idea.

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