Easy Ways Of Rat Home Removal In Los Angeles

rat exterminator in Los Angeles

Rats consume your food and also other important stuff such as papers, electrical cords, clothes, and furniture. Not just that, they are harmful to the environment since they eat up the endemic fruit seeds and many crops and plantations such as rice. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of them?

This calls for rat home removal in Los Angeles. Rats litter around the entire house almost everywhere which harasses you the most and adds up to your suffering of cleaning. Their litter puts you at risk of dangerous diseases such as typhus, rat-bite fever, plague, leptospirosis, and many more.

Leptospirosis is usually caused by urine or feces that ultimately leads to liver and kidney damage and in some rare cases the cardiovascular systems. This blog shares some simple rat home removal in Los Angeles.

A mixture of plaster of Paris and cocoa powder

While the cocoa powder attracts them, on eating the mixture rats soon feel suffocated out of dehydration and run for their life.


Rats do not like the strong odor of ammonia. You can use ammonia in cotton balls or mixed with water or in plain liquid form in a bowl or jar and keep it near the suspected areas. It will ward them off.

Pepper flakes

These are best when used in a heated form. Like the ammonia rats cannot stand the pepper flakes’ smell too. It is too spicy for them. Thus they are compelled to leave.

Dry ice

Dry ice is a good alternative to using poisons. They produce carbon dioxide that anesthetizes the rats and ultimately kills them.


Mothballs are easily available in the market. You can simply throw them around the house.


Potato powder swells up or gets inflamed in the intestines of the rats and kills them on consumption. They are best utilized in their powdered form readily available in the market.

Get a cat

Having a cat as a pet will not only give you company but they will freely harvest the rats of your house and make them their meal.

These are some of the preventive measures you can take prior to asking for the aid of experts like us. Feel free to contact us anytime only at www.greenrodentcontrol.com.

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