Green Rat Control Air duct Cleaning & replacement Services.

Green Rodent Restoration offers inexpensive air duct replacement Serving Los Angeles , Ventura , Orange , Riverside, San Bernardino and the entire Southern California. We understand the importance of having an air duct system that works efficiently and safely. Some years ago many air conditioning installation companies installed what we call “builder systems” in a large number of homes. These “builder systems” are a system of air ducts that have now become flimsy and have fallen apart, or are about to fall apart. You can see an example of these systems in the picture below.

In order to identify whether or not you have a similar problem at hand, make sure to look in your attic to see if your system is similar. If so, a system like this can cause many problems in the very near future due to failing duct work, leaky ducts and/or contaminated ducts. These problems need to be prevented or addressed quickly due to the high costs of inefficiency, that you are most likely not even aware of. If you are a Los Angeles local and find yourself with similar ductwork, do not hesitate to seek air duct replacement in Los Angeles.

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This is a great example of air ducts needing replacement. If your ductwork falls within the same category, you should seek help immediately.

The health and safety of your family and your home is the most critical of these reasons. The benefits of air duct cleaning or replacement make it one of the most significant steps to include in the maintenance routine of for your house.

This is a great example of Green Rodent Restorations air duct cleaning & replacement for Los Angeles , Ventura , Orange , Riverside, San Bernardino and the entire Southern California. Notice the cleanliness and overall quality of work!

Green Rodent Restoration Offers Air Duct Replacement in Los Angeles , Ventura , Orange , Riverside, San Bernardino and the entire Southern California. For Many Reasons:

Green Rodent Restoration knows there are many reasons to seek Air Duct Replacement servicing Los Angeles , Ventura , Orange , Riverside, San Bernardino and the entire Southern California. Typical duct systems can lose up to 40% of the heating and cooling energy they carry. This in turn causes the HVAC Unit to work overtime, leading to potential issues with the system that can prove extremely costly – up to $300 per year. Even leaking 20% of the conditioned air can cause the whole system to work %50 harder. Finding a company that does air duct replacement in Los Angeles can not only save you money, but it could also protect your health. Many leaks give rise to mold.

How Do Leaks Occur?

Air ducts, just like our homes, are changing on a daily basis. We all know about wear and tear on our cars and pay big money to fix these problems – this should also be the case with our homes and the supporting infrastructure. As the air duct system ages, tape adhesives dries up and sealant can definitely erode. This is why finding a company like Green Rodent Restoration, that does air duct replacement in Los Angeles, can turn out to be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

How Often Should I check For Leaks?

We spend most of our lives inside our homes and rarely ever pay attention to the “health” of our living environments. Your home needs to get frequent checkups, just like our bodies, and the golden rule is to inspect ductwork at least once a year for leaks. Many times you should have a checkup done professionally or at least with guidance from a company such as Green Rodent Restoration. Checking for leaks can be a difficult task and requires specialized tools and knowledge. Our technicians are highly trained and provide a diagnostic service at a minimal cost. Be sure to call or email us about this service, especially considering doing it yourself may make the system worse than when you found it. If any leaks are found, be sure to contact us and ask about our air duct replacement in Los Angeles.

Having your Air Duct systems cleaned regularly is one of the most common home maintenance routines because if an air conditioner breaks your home will be uncomfortable and replacing them is quite costly. Servicing your heating and air conditioning systems is essential to keeping them operating efficiently and should require cleaning the cooling coils, drain pans, fans and heat exchangers. Cleaning these components can result in dust, debris, mold or allergens getting into your air ducts which will afterwards be released into your home. For this reason it is vital to clean your air ducts at the same time your heating and cooling system is cleaned.

Our Los Angeles based company also provides air duct repair / air duct cleaning / air duct replacement services and if you own the same house or building for a number of years, there will probably come a period when you have to replace a central air conditioning unit or an air handler, which means that you’ll have to spent money new units and installation.

Every home contain a tremendous amount of dust and pollution in the environment, air duct cleaning / air duct replacement / air duct service is a must.

Your health – The air around us can be a great potential threat towards our health, if not treated appropriately. Breathing diseases like asthma, lungs cancer and other chronic heart diseases are mainly caused by the polluted air that is breathed in. Cleaning of air ducts and appropriate maintenance can in part eliminate this threat.