5 Essential Tips to Control Rodents in the Farm

Rat Exterminator

Are you a professional in the Agricultural field? Do you have acres of land, where you grow crops for the entire year? If your answer is yes, you might be suffering from a severe rat infestation on your farm.

This blog is of course relevant to you then. We will be discussing here the essential tips about rat control in Los Angeles.

  • Less Attractive Farm – To control rats on the farm, as a farmer your sole responsibility is to make your farm less attractive. The more you minimize the outer look of your farm, the less it will attract the rats.
  • Remove points of Charm – Carefully remove all the points of attraction that can captivate the rats within an almost 30m radius from the farm building. For example, bushes, flowerbeds, long grass, and general debris. These are very attractive to the rats, where they can take shelter or hide. This will help you in the attempt of rat control in Los Angeles.
  • Remove Nesting Materials – If your farm contains things like piles of wood, old and unused pipelines and other equipment, ruins of other farm materials, etc, the unwanted visitors are likely to make their nests inside those.
  • Seal Entry Points – carefully lookout all the possible entry points for the rats to enter. After you have found it, attempt to seal up those points and holes so as not to enter them further. Leaky taps, sweating pipes and open drains are also the source of entry for the rats.
  • Trap the Rats – You can use Glue boards or general mouse traps to eliminate the rats from your farms. These are quite effective compared to the ultrasound devices because for some days the rats can be disturbed or distracted by the eerie sound but after that, they will be quite habituated. Then the device would be of no use anymore.

If you want you can book our professional service of rat control in Los Angeles to get rid of the menace.

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