About Green Rodent Control


Our official company name Green Rodent Control, an owner operated professional wildlife control company. It is operated by our trained staff wildlife control specialist. We believes in the following principles:

Friendly Service: It is important that the customer be treated with courtesy and respect. Many wildlife issues are distressing to the homeowner, and we take the time to listen to the problem and carefully explain the solution in an informative and clear manner.

Professional Work Attic: Many companies in this field perform employ inferior tactics and do shoddy repair work. We take great pride in attentiveness to detail and in quality workmanship. The work will be done in a professional manner, with great care taken to be neat and clean, to protect your property, to make all repairs look great, and to avoid any headaches for you.
Best Results: We take great pride in our skills as a green rodent control, and will not rest until we have figured out and solved your wildlife problem. Although rodent control not everything is 100% controllable or predictable, We will always employ the best possible tactic for the job at hand.

Treatment of Rodent Control: I have great respect for all living things, and never want to harm an animal. We trap and relocate rodent whenever possible, and always work to ensure that the animal undergoes the least amount of stress possible.

Honesty: Rodent Control is specialty work and it is not always cheap, but We are always honest and up-front about what needs to be done to solve the problem, and of the cost. We will not sneak in any hidden fees or charge for any services not performed.




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